Following the trend of fashion’s copyright laws?

So, there are no copyright laws in the fashion industry (only on trademarks and logos). Blakley says that other creative industries can follows fashion’s trend. This copying culture has forced designers to “up their game” and be more innovative, which has led to designs being too hard to copy. She says that there creative industries […]

Creative Freedom

This weeks lecture and seminar got me thinking about our freedom, as users, on the internet. Our society has formed into an information society , where intangible assets like knowledge and information have become so valuable, that strict copyright and intellectual property laws have been created to control information. Information has such a power, that […]

Spilling over or drowning into our work and social lives?

I have just read this article which explains what the criteria for the Top Companies for Work Life Balance is. “The goal of this listing was to look for companies that don’t keep their employees chained to their desks or laptops 24/7. Glassdoor sought workers who could balance their lives between work and personal life […]