Creative Freedom

This weeks lecture and seminar got me thinking about our freedom, as users, on the internet.

Our society has formed into an information society , where intangible assets like knowledge and information have become so valuable, that strict copyright and intellectual property laws have been created to control information.

Information has such a power, that big companies use copyright laws to control knowledge and the flow of information.

I have read a lot articles on the web that are calling for even more strict IP laws, and then I have read many that think the less are way too strict and should be lessened, as they are obstructing our right to freedom on the web. What do you think?

I actually think that Creative Commons solves this problem. The problem of online freedom, remix, sharing and communication in relation to content and communities (obviously not solving all internet freedom issues about access and control!)

As Lessig said, our society is shifting from a ‘free culture’ to a ‘permission culture’, and I think that Creative Commons is allowing society to remain somewhere in between the two. Our freedom to share and create content on the internet may be safe for a little while longer.



4 thoughts on “Creative Freedom

  1. Just think, would Keanu Reeves have had the opportunity to blurt out one of the most influential and meaningful movie quotes of all time, “I know Kung-Fu”, if The Matrix had stricter copyright laws? Maybe Agent Smith envoked the share-alike clause in his Creative Commons contract, forgetting about ‘The One?

    I agree completely when you say that Creative Commons solves the problem of copyright, to an extent.

    “We have all these new technologies that allow people to express themselves and take control of their own creative impulses, but the law is getting in the way”.

    I love that quote in the video you included, and it’s so true. The copyright laws of yester-year are fast becoming obsolete with the advent of the digital world. That’s not to say that we should scrap the laws completely, but they definitely need to be overhauled (not just amended here or there).

    There’s a quote which gets thrown around a bit, in various forms, which goes something like:

    “It is by standing on the shoulders of giants, that we achieve greatness”.

    That is, only by adopting and adapting the ideas of our predecessors, can we move forward as a people.

    But I’m pretty sure that’s considered copyright infringement…

  2. You stated that intangible assets such as knowledge & information have become so valuable, and I completely agree. These assets are what create society and new networks, without them where would we be? If we didn’t have copyright regulations I think ideas, information, knowledge, creative works would be overused to the point they would become almost not creative anymore. The point I am trying to make is that I think we do need some regulations, but to what extent? Creative commons definately puts this question into perspective.

  3. It’s pretty crazy to think that a mere idea can be so valuable. Yes information is power, thats nothing we haven’t seen before. Take facebook as an example of this implication, it grosses massive profits in the mere action of selling its users information and connectivity patterns to marketers and corporations. This further implies that information is power.

  4. Information is power, but information through the Internet these days is greater power. This is seen through the use of free downloading of music, movies and shows which all defeat the purpose of copyright laws. Due to this, I think what Lessig says of our culture being one of permission is unfortunately true.

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