Concentration of Ownership

Todays lecture brought me to remember this image that I saw in BCM112 last year, so I have tracked it down because it shows the concentration of media.


2 thoughts on “Concentration of Ownership

  1. I would say a picture says a thousand words.. but THIS picture literally HAS a thousand (or more) words!
    How crazy is it that these particular 6 companies have SO much power? They have control over so many outlets that’s it’s almost unbelievable. I found out today that Time-Warner owns WOMANS WEEKLY!!! I don’t read that magazine, but I would never have guessed that those two were in any way, shape or form ‘related’, so to speak.
    A couple of my subjects intertwine with each other and I’m starting to grasp the concept of just how concentrated media ownership is. All this talk about media ‘freedom’ is beginning to look very staged and lure its audience into a false sense of liberty. It’s quite bizarre just how much power one company can have.

  2. If I never chose media studies, it is quite possible I would still remain oblivious to the power of some of there companies. As makedonka4 expresses ‘how crazy it is that these particular 6 companies have so much power! I believe if we actually sat down and delved into the ownership of all common businesses, like Women’s Weekly, we would discover an incestuous link between each other.

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