I just came across this photo and thought it was very fitting of the industrial media vs social media debate, in a few different ways.

Will Youtube take over Hollywood one day?

What about all of the content produced in Hollywood studios that is being uploaded to Youtube by users?

Why are some users of Youtube receiving 100s of millions of views, maybe more than some Hollywood produced movies will receive?


9 thoughts on “YOUTUBE

  1. Your post reminded me of this show that I have seen advertised on Foxtel. It’s a singing competition where they discover people online and on YouTube. You can see it on here… Finding talent on YouTube has become a major part of the industry now. People like Justin Bieber or the Sophia-Grace and Rosie have become internet sensations and have made it into the industry. Justin Bieber as a singer/actor and the two girls, correspondants for Ellen. The girls are still in primary school and yet have interviewed Rihanna, Flo Rida and many more people at the Grammys. It’s definitely a major player in Hollywood now.

    • Wow- a very social network-mediated television show. Instead of auditioning them in person, on a stage, they are heading online, and no doubt they will have an associated Twitter feed and Facebook page… just another example of convergence!

  2. Nice post, YouTube is a perfect site to comment on. yeh I decided to drop journalism, as the future does indeed look very grim. I think we do still need traditional media to keep the standards up. But YouTube is definately an internet site with some serious power. It can turn you into a star, or it can destroy your life, lol, Ive seen many naive, silly users post videos and get destroyed, their social lives wrecked, you have to be careful when posting, as remix culture is in full swing.

    • Yeah, I think traditional media needs to really understand what online users want, and become ‘guide dogs’ (as Bruns said) and lead us to the most credible sources online, rather than just displaying a few tweets on screen.
      And yeah, some people really need to be careful about what they post! Or maybe they just don’t care … “any publicity is good publicity’?

  3. It’s pretty insane to think a post on youtube can rush a status of celebrity on someone.
    Even the television series the Voice utilises youtube videos and such as their initial recruiting process, where people send in clips of themselves singing, so that they can slice down the size of the competition…

  4. The comparison between Hollywood and Youtube may eventually support the Longtail effect. With the abundance of different Youtube Channels covering any aspect of everything, Youtube’s availability of variety can possibly equal or take over the success of Hollywood.

    *This is just a thought, I have no evidence to support what I have said.

  5. The internet and its impact on so many factors of our lives continue to amaze me. If someone were to ask me 5 years ago if I thought fame could come from simply posting my talent on YouTube, I probably would have laughed in their face. Seriously. It would have seemed absolutely ridiculous. But today it is one of the most important parts of the music industry. You have described the magnitude of this phenomenon in great detail and submitted a very good post.

  6. Gangnam Style is a perfectly good example for this. Everyone has heard it right? A korean guy dancing and demonstrating ‘Gangnam Style’. The guy PSY has been around for 6 years, yet their viral video earlier this month (and late last month) has generated almost 200 million views. If it wasn’t for YouTube, worldwide, there was very little known about the guy or the song. As fskentzos said, I think Justin Beiber is the most grateful for YouTube (and his mother). No Youtube. No Beibs.

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