Week 12: Picking from Apple’s tree

I must admit that I am a fan of Apple and everything they do. For me, their walled garden is perfect. I can do everything that I want to do on my iPhone: use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, check my email, check the weather, play stupid games and use safari. And it all looks so neat and pretty. The few times that I have used someones Android phone, it just seemed so messy. Right now, I wouldn’t consider buying another brand for a phone, laptop or tablet (I’m still not convinced about Apple Tv though). Everything is just so connected with the iCloud- it would actually be a little inconvenient to not have Apple products. And good on Apple for making it this way… they know what they’re doing.

But after reading some articles on the web, my stance is slightly changing. Especially by this article http://www.webpronews.com/mozilla-slams-apples-walled-garden-philosophy-2012-05 (really good article, read it!)

I am a web citizen and when I see that somebody in California can decide what I am allowed to install on a device that I paid for with my own money, that he will impose his own values that are not from my culture and are different from my context it seems very scary to me.” former Mozilla Europe President, Tristan Nitot.

It kind of is scary when you think about it. Aren’t we supposed to be prosumers, not consumers? However, I still think that Android mimics the chaos that is the world wide web, and I would rather stick to the walled garden than deal with that. Maybe in a couple of years I will convert.. unless Apple has sucked me in with some new product that I never knew I needed.


On a side note:

It seems that Apple is always in some sort of battle… Android, Samsung, and remember these old ads…?


15 thoughts on “Week 12: Picking from Apple’s tree

  1. I love my Apple products as well! I have an iPod Mini (oh geeze, remember them? Black and white screen!), iPod, iPhone and Mac computer. Even though they may not be the best value for money, I’m drawn into Apple products. I always argue with my dad when he thinks about buying a Samsung Galaxy that Apple products are so much more accessible. The Apple store is quite possibly the most effect thing for Apple to do.

    • Yeah, they are very accessible, especially when if your other products (laptop, tablet, iPod) are all Apple. But I think it is a good thing that brands like Apple and Samsung are competing for consumer attention, because in the end, we are the ones who will benefit because they will be forced to better each product. Hopefully this doesn’t cause prices to rise significantly!

  2. I’m on the Apple bandwagon too, but I don’t necessarily restrict myself solely to their products. This is mainly because I like to have a broader knowledge of the technological devices that are out there. At home, I have my personal Macbook, then the family laptop is an acer, my parents have android phones, etc. I think apple has made it very easy for it’s customers to use their products and they’re appealing- otherwise you wouldn’t have a cue of hundreds of people waiting for their latest products to be released!
    The article you put in your post was an interesting read, and Mr. Nitot is right about his thoughts on who controls what he can and cannot install onto a product that he purchased with his own money. It does not sit well with me either, and like you said, we’re supposed to be ‘prosumers’. Supposedly.

  3. Apple have generated a software that allows them to have control AFTER it has been sold to consumers. They have done this through closed-system software. The user only has a certain amount of capabilities. Apple chooses what apps you can download, apple chooses what devices can be compatible with their software. Apple have a walled-garden style app system like you have mentioned. – They have processes in which can only allow certain apps to be passed through inspection and make it to the app store. On the other hand, The Play Store allows 3rd party developers to simply make their app for download. – This could also present a problem in terms of malware and viruses though.

  4. I am glad to see the last comment here, I was a bit worried to step into this apple-garden on my own.. 🙂
    I find that the discussion of Apple and Android goes a bit deeper than just “what we like”, it is about being included, it is about collaboration, innovation, and most importantly about the users’ freedom. I try to compare it with the Internet. Everyone seem to enjoy the freedom online, as soon as bills like SOPA, CISPA or PIPA appeared we all reacted with disgust arguing that they had no right to control the Internet or our use of it. Well, it is the same thing with Apple. They want to control us as users, the content we get to play with, and the platform that we are using. Why are we not reacting to this? So, although the Apple products are beautiful and easy to manage, I think it is more important to support a product which in return supports us – not one which controls us.

  5. The walled garden is a strong arm tactic, every time apple infringes on consumers rights users who might have slowly shifted to android or other platforms are coerced into staying with apple, apple has their information, their data, their music, movies and photos, their electronic life locked up in their cloud and to some moving away from the apple platform would be akin to starting their whole digital life all over again. And so apple users shrug their shoulders at apples behavior, little by little giving up their consumer rights in favor of their convenient platform.

    And before im accused of any hostility towards apple users, i’ll admit i do have an iphone.

  6. I hate to admit it, but I’m a fence sitter. I thought I was pro Apple and when we had an Mac and it broke my parents replaced it with an Acer. I hated it to begin with and even now it annoys me because it has gotten a virus, so I still love Macs.
    Yet I have an Android phone and I love it. It’s freedom and the Play Store. It has basically almost everything an iPhone can do and it causes my knowledge to be versatile because I can use the Android knowledge across a wide number of brands who have android phones and I can work an iPhone too. However, my friend just switched over to Android from Apple and I had to show her how to work most of the phone because of Apple’s specificity.
    When it comes to choosing a side I see the positives and negatives of each brand but I guess that’s the choice we have. I’m happy with having a range of Android and Apple products.

  7. There is always going to be a downside of any brand or product, I have to say that I like that there are other options out there for consumers to choose and decide which one is best for them.. Me of course, I have everything Apple and will therefore be on Apple’s side on this never ending debate. Although when you read more into it and compare the two (like you said), there are countless advantages and disadvantages – but I think it will always end with the consumers preference!

  8. I have been a PC user my whole life. It hasn’t been since recently when my girlfriend got a Mac Book Pro for her birthday that i have been exposed to the functions and lay out of the Mac operating system. Her birthday was in March and i play around with it quite a lot and i must say i still find it to be quite hard to navigate around the most basic functions. My point is that i think that PC’s are much more user friendly and more familiar than Macs. I believe that alot of people would disagree with me but as of 2011 when looking into the the ratio of PC’s sold in comparison to Macs, PC held 90% of the market share, a figure which i translate into meaning that PC’s are preferred in relation to Macs http://mashable.com/2012/07/03/mac-vs-pc-sales/

    Furthermore i have found some very interesting information into the MAC PC debate on yahoo answers. ( its not exactly a reputable academic site, but still most information is back up by links to other information confirming his assertions)

  9. I’m the same I tend to find that having an android product would be inconvenient for me too due to how easy they make it to connect all your Apple technology through icloud. Have you ever tried to jailbreak Apple technology? That can enable people to escape from the ‘Walled Garden’ but yeah I prefer Apple because I’m used to the system and it’s all I need, so I completely agree with you plus they always make their technology look so pretty. I do like and respect the idea of an open system though it enables people to have more choice.

  10. I personally find the walled garden constructed by Apple, convenient. The technology is simply linked through icloud allowing for all my information to be readily dispersed through each product. I understand the possibilities and opportunities with the Android products, yet I am a loyal Apple consumer.

  11. Having converted from a PC to Apple about 2 years ago i am definitely siding with Apple in the great debate. It’s not only the usability of Apple products that has sucked me in, but also the aesthetic features. When looking at the Iphone in comparison to an Android, i find that the layout of the Iphone is much more appealing to the eye and thus contributes to the simplicity of use. However, after saying all of this i think at the end of the day it is hard to compare the two platforms as it inevitably comes down to the preference of each user and how people choose to interact with the technology.

  12. I think the main reason I bought an iPhone over an Android is because of the connectivity (props Apple, props) as you said – having an android would be almost inconvenient. I love knowing that I can sync my phone and everything of importance will be swapped over/saved/edited and it’s all ready to go. And really…the garden is so pretty.

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