The Google Generation

Born in 1993 and have been using computers and technology since Kindergarten. Yes, I am definitely apart of this so called Google Generation. I like the fact that the CIBER paper debunks myths about the google generation, that are spread through society by the media… and many parents. Parents who ask their teenage children to explain every new thing about the internet, Facebook, how to upload a photo… and the list continues. But according to the CIBER paper, older generations are just as capable as using and learning about new technology as generation y.

The point that stood out for me the most is the fact that the google generation prefer interactive systems, and are no longer passive consumers. We are now ‘prosumers’, living in a participatory culture (Henry Jenkins). We have seen this in so many examples over the past years. Like the Arab Spring, and the rise of the blogger and slow demise of (sadly) magazines and newspapers. This then leads onto expecting everything to be on the internet, and to be free. Because blogs, YouTube, Twitter… reading, watching and participating in the conversation via these networks are free. So young people may be lead to these as an easy option over reading chunks of black and white text.

As the now google generation grows older, and a new generation connects to the internet, the patterns of skimming, flicking and horizontal reading, and therefore, bad research skills, will grow. Children need to be taught from a young age about proper online internet research skills, from their teachers. Who, if they are from the google generation, have hopefully learnt the skills themselves too!


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