The Vidding Community

Before I knew anything about the vidding community, only what they did, I assumed that it was mostly male. This was because of the nature of what it is and how you would create a vid. But from reading and listening to Katie Freund’s research, it is obvious that females are a large part of the vidding community. As we have seen, women create vids because they feel their gender is misrepresented in television shows and movies, and they want to create meaning or a story which they want to see between characters.Women and bidding is discussed quite in-depth in Francesca Coppa’s article ‘Women, Star Trek and the Early Development of Fannish Videos’.I would have thought that female vidders would be accepting of new vidders who want to ‘bridge this gender gap’. But there were contradicting views between the acceptance and openness of vidders in Rebecca Tushnet and Rachael Vaughn’s article and in Kate Freund’s work.

In Tushnet and Vaughn’s reply comment on behalf of the Organisation for Transformative Works, they mention that experienced vidders and new vidders have a good relationship. Before the new technology vidders use today, experienced vidders would teach new-comers in workshops and take on an apprentice like relationship. Tushnet and Vaughn say that the internet now allows new vidders to be welcomed to the community.

However, in the lecture Katie Freund gave, it was said that long time vidders can be un-inviting and critical of new vidders. But when reading her article, it is evident that their non accepting nature may caused by new vidders not keeping their work closed from the public because they do not have the same understanding of copyright as long time vidders do.

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